Booklet on loneliness published


undefinedThis new booklet suggests how the local churches are in a strong position to combat loneliness and reach out to show the love of Jesus. It's written by the Revd Peter Rugen, Rural Dean of Frodsham, and John Dawson, our former diocesan officer for retired clergy and widows.

The booklet, titled Loneliness, is published by Grove Books at £3.95. To buy a a copy call Grove Books on 01223 464748, email or click Loneliness

The idea for the publication arose from practical and theological reflections on the ministry of both authors in recent years. It’s main focus is on social isolation among the elderly, but  the booklet also covers loneliness among other groups of people.

Peter Rugen, who is Vicar of Norley, Crowton and Kingsley, said: “While the western world enjoys greater life expectancies than ever before, a by-product of a breakdown in social structures is an increased rate of loneliness among the elderly The Church effectively has a mandate to care for vulnerable people – such as the lonely – in society.”

The booklet, says Peter, attempts to demonstrate ways for local churches to care for the lonely.


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