Bishop Mark and Bishop Julie on BBC Merseyside

Bishops Mark and Julie featured on BBC Radio Merseyside on the first day of 2023 to share their New Year's messages. They were on the BBC programme 'Daybreak' hosted by, Helen Jones. You can listen to them here.

Bishop Mark Tanner

Bishop Mark was the first to appear on the show. He began by wishing everyone a "rich and fruitful 2023" and went on to question "What do I really mean?" The main focus of his reflection centered around the theme of "Hope", and how it can can "...make all the difference in the toughest of places that we are privileged to live in."

However, he does acknowledged that hope probably won't be enough to get Tranmere Rovers (Mark is a keen supporter) to win the FA cup.


Bishop Julie Conalty

Bishop Julie explained how her family had to take down their Christmas tree, even before New Year's Eve, because of the number of needles it was shedding, "I really hate having to face the fact that all those cheery Christmas decorations and lights will soon be put away in their boxes and I loathe the sense of having to return to normal." She goes on to explain that the Church Christmas season goes on until Candlemass at the start of February, "So you could keep a modest set of lights in your window", she encouraghes. Julie offered a prayer about how the light of Christ will shine out and bring light and hope to each of us.


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