Bishop Libby invites you to pray for voiceless


Bishop Libby Lane is asking people to join her in praying for those whose voices are often not heard during Lent. 

The invitation comes on the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act which, in 1918, granted the right to vote in a General Election to about 40% of UK women.

Bishop Libby said; "As I give thanks for those who raised the volume of women’s voices in the British political system a century ago I am conscious their legacy remains incomplete.  All over the world today live people whose experience or circumstances leave them open to misrepresentation and oppression.  We must continue to work for the common good and to speak truth to power so those who are forced into silence may find their voice.  I hope people will join me this Lent in praying for progress towards equality and justice.”

To join the Bishop in prayer please visit her Facebook page, download the print off list of intentions here or see below.



Wednesday    14th    for those who are refugees fleeing war
Thursday        15th    for those who are economic migrants
Friday             16th    for those who are trafficked
Saturday         17th    for those who are ethnically cleansed
Sunday            18th    for those who are prisoners of conscience
Monday           19th    for those detained without trial or without a meaningful trial
Tuesday           20th    for those who are illegal immigrants
Wednesday      21st    for those who are tortured
Thursday          2nd    for those who are victims of uninvestigated crime
Friday               23rd    for those who are victims of state corruption
Saturday          24th    for those who are stateless
Sunday            25th    for those persecuted for their faith
Monday           26th    and as Fairtrade Fortnight begins we pray for victims of economic injustice
Tuesday           27th    for those who are climate-change victims
Wednesday      28th    for the bereaved left without economic means

Thursday           1st    for those who are victims of environmental damage
Friday               2nd    for those who are homeless
Saturday           3rd    for indigenous peoples involved in land disputes
Sunday             4th    for those who are victims of domestic abuse
Monday            5th    for those who are victims of sexual abuse
Tuesday            6th    for those who are victims of psychological abuse
Wednesday       7th    for those who are victims of emotional abuse
Thursday           8th    and on this International Women’s day we pray for those women who have no voice
Friday                9th    for those who are isolated because of where they live
Saturday          10th    and as Fairtrade Fortnight ends, we pray for those who are bonded labourers or slaves
Sunday            11th    and on this Mothering Sunday, we pray for those isolated because of menstruation, childbearing or infertility
Monday          12th    for those who face prejudice because of their sexual orientation
Tuesday          13th    for those whose poverty limits access to medicine
Wednesday     14th    for those who are suffer dementia
Thursday         15th    for those who are mentally ill
Friday              16th    for those who are elderly or infirm
Saturday          17th    for those who are children
Sunday            18th    for human rights activists in authoritarian regimes
Monday           19th    for those who are orphans
Tuesday           20th    for those who are racially abused
Wednesday      21st    for those who face discrimination because of disability
Thursday         22nd    for those who are child brides
Friday               23rd    for those excluded from education
Saturday          24th    for those who are censored
Sunday            25th    and on this Palm Sunday, that we might play a part in giving the voiceless a voice

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