Anthology of poetry for St Helen's, Northwich


On Friday 13 December, St Helen's Church, Northwich will launch its anthology of poetry written by local residents.

Over the past couple of months, local poets belonging to writing groups in Cheshire have helped to create and deliver poetry workshops for local residents. The output from the day exceeded expectations and the whole group generated over 50 different poems of high quality. The poems are all about St Helen’s in some way: the heritage; the building; stained glass windows; grounds; and aspects of today’s living Church. 

Member of the church, Gordon Atkinson, says: "The workshop event was designed to be a community event linked to St Helen’s Promising Future initiative. The Promising Future initiative is all about valuing God in everyone by removing barriers and building bridges, for people within our community to better engage with St Helen’s, and by better welcoming people of all needs and abilities. Building on our ‘Serving Christ – Serving The Community’ message.

Some of the books will be donated to local organisations including schools, library, and residential services. 

All are welcome to attend. More information is available on this local church poster

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