New Church of England Christmas film

A new Christmas film, made by the national church has been released. It follows the life of someone attending church, from a young girl through to her elderly years, and depicts how she is supported by her local church through many Christmases.

It ends with a simple message: “Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re invited to church this Christmas.”

The advert is part of the Church of England’s Christmas campaign: “Follow the Star – the Great Invitation” and is geared towards people who might not normally – or ever – attend church. 

It includes a plain-English explainer on what to expect at church this Christmas with answers to common questions that people may be too embarrassed to ask such as “How will I know what to do?”, “What should I wear?” and “What if I do not know all the words?”.

The advert also highlights how, alongside the joy and celebration, Christmas can be a very painful time for many people, especially those experiencing bereavement.

You can see the video below. More information on the campaign can be seen on the Church of England Website


Page last updated: Friday 9th December 2022 11:22 AM
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