The wonderful diversity of churches across Chester Diocese can be enjoyed in the great breadth of styles and traditions of worship enjoyed in parishes. The common foundations we share are the Book of Common Prayer  and Common Worship. These resources equip parishes to shape services to build up the faith of church members and reach out in love to the communities around them.

Using these resources, many churches choose to develop their own service booklets for congregations to use each week. This can be a complicated process, so we have developed a page of advice and examples to help parishes.

Worship in the Church of England can be a beautiful and enriching experience. It helps us bring our experience of living in the world before God and gives room us to be transformed by his grace. This gives room for a great breadth of diversity and a good deal of creativity.

The internet provides a wide range of resources which support worship across a wide breadth of styles and traditions. For those wanting to draw on Celtic traditions, the Wild Goose Resource Group from the Iona Community has details of events as well as musical, text and drama resources. offer a growing library of creative worship resources, many of which are free. They are also developing a lectionary based set of resources following the Revised Common Lectionary. If your church uses digital projection and videos then Igniter Media and Image Vine offer high quality images and videos for purchase.

Worship Workshop is a website supporting those who are involved in worship in schools, including assemblies. Worship Workshop is a project created by the National Society, The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and the Liturgical Commission. It aims to empower and enrich the practice of worship in our schools. Registration is free. There are all sorts of resources on this site including downloadable music and lyric files.

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