Here you will find different resources to help your church grow in confident evangelism.

National Weekend of Invitation

One weekend. Multitudes of personal invitations to those outside our churches. All with a simple request to please ‘Be our guest’.

Offering a welcome to those who may just have been waiting to be invited.  Simple? Yes. And it is something every church can be part of.  But not ‘easy’. First we must face the fear that holds us back. And that’s part of the plan. 


Be sure your church makes plans, engages with the preparation, and reaps the benefits. Find out how here:  and  see the below sheets;

Information Sheet

How to run your day

Church Training Poster

Talking Jesus

Sharing our faith can be daunting, yet conversations with Christians are one of the most important influences in bringing people to faith. The Talking Jesus course can inspire your church to share their faith and gives practical suggestions to help Christians to be natural and relevant as they talk about Jesus with the people they meet.

What is it for?

The goal is to equip Christians to make the most of every opportunity to help friends, colleagues and family members to consider Jesus for themselves and to become his followers. 

What does it include?

There are six encouraging, video-based sessions with short films, inspirational, short testimonies, real-life examples from people who are talking Jesus, and a short, easy-to-follow course book. Buy Talking Jesus – The Course on DVD or USB for your homegroups.

Advance 2020

Advance: The Evangelist Movement exists to promote and stir up the gift of the evangelist, building towards a huge year of outreach throughout the UK in 2020.  

Through Evangelist Group Mentoring and the personal witness training offered from Advance Bootcamps, we are committed to equipping and empowering those who have a desire to prioritise the sharing of the gospel, be it from a stage or a one-to-one conversation. Alongside this we are praying and planning together for what an intentional, strategic, and spirit-filled year of mission will look like across the UK in 2020 as we commit to taking the gospel to the nation on an unprecedented scale. 

Advance2020 will give churches, ministries and individuals opportunities, encouragement and support to reach the nation with the powerful hope of the gospel.


If you’re passionate about introducing young people to Jesus, you might feel like the odd one out. We want to change that. The Youth Evangelism Conference is a day of inspirational teaching, energising conversation and practical advice to equip you to engage with the key opportunity of our time - reaching young people. We pull out all the stops to gather the activists and strategists who are seeding a movement to bring the gospel to a new generation. We pack as much as possible into a single day to make it worth your time and travel. We invite you to be part of a movement to reverse the trend as Jesus builds his church. 

Mission Academy Live

Mission Academy Live is a series of 10 innovative video based sessions, each one empowering young people as missional disciples within a small group context. With a focus on peer to peer evangelism, each session will provide an understanding of today's contemporary context, with teaching, discussion, and testimony, all leading to a practical response. Through accountable relationships, this first of its kind evangelism and discipleship tool encourages young people to be intentional, authentic, united and obedient to the call and command of Christ to ‘Go, and make disciples’ (Matt 28:20). 


HOPE is a catalyst for local church mission in villages, towns and cities. You and your church can join in and support HOPE 2020 with the Archbishop of York!


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