Former Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, expresses how Jews approach the Bible:
“Jews don’t read the Bible. We sing it, argue with it, wrestle with it, listen to it and turn it inside out to find a new insight we have missed before. It is God’s invitation to join the conversation between heaven and earth that began on Mount Sinai and has never since ceased.”

YBible video - shown at the launch event in Chester Cathedral on 15 September 2016.


Getting Involved

It is hoped that every congregation will do something under the YBible banner during the course of the year beginning in October. Whether a ‘one-off’ special gathering, a shared endeavour, group work or a course, or an initiative for individuals, everyone is urged to try something new in their approach to using the Bible.

But YBible isn’t primarily about big events. Its aim is mutual encouragement in which we help one another with our use of the Bible.

Scripture Engagement

As one way into that exploration, Dr Phil Collins of Taylor University’s Center for Scriptural Engagement has given permission for the Diocese to utilize the methods collected together by that Center. A host of suggestions ranging across memorization, journaling, visual arts, Lectio Divina, praying, singing, hand-copying, storying, speaking, dramatizing, public reading, and more, are detailed on their website. Everything is now available to use through the Bible Gateway website - www.biblegateway.com/resources/scripture-engagement/ The site contains all sorts of imaginative resources to enhance our use of the Scriptures. Why not explore its many possibilities and encourage friends to do the same?

'52 Thoughts'

At the launch a small book of favourite Bible verses was published as a first YBible effort. The style of the book is personal accounts of why a particular verse of scripture is significant to the author. The key word there is ‘personal’ since what is being offered isn’t an academic or scholarly account but a more individual and heartfelt approach. The purpose is to encourage one another in sharing the power of a word of scripture in a person’s own faith experience.
Download 52 Thoughts

Chester Cathedral

The cathedral has encouraged reading of the Bible by including the daily readings from the lectionary in the weekly sheet, and produced a bookmark with the YBible logo suggesting reading a passage by asking four questions:

  • What words, ideas or phrases stand out for you or do you hear?
  • What is Jesus (through the text) saying to you?
  • What is Jesus (through the text) calling you to do?
  • What question would you ask of the text?


The McDonald Lecture Series 6 November 2017

The Book of God?  The Bible in a Disenchanted World
Walter Moberly, Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University

The Cathedral Library 2017 Exhibition (1st February-8th November) The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

Guided visits by arrangement (£3 per head). The Library is normally open on Tuesdays from 9.30-3.00 pm when the Librarian can let people in.  To arrange a group visit contact George Brooke by email george.brooke@manchester.ac.uk or by text (07944 402869) or even by phone (01244 351432).


If you have any other ideas for YBible do be in touch ministry@chester.anglican.org  with YBible in the subject.

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Parish initiatives

St Andrew with St John the Baptist, Crewe

Worship with the Gospels Over the past few weeks during our informal worship sessions we have followed the format suggested by Clare Amos of 'Partners in Learning' for 'The Bible in the Life of the Church' project. This has involved looking at the four gospels as a whole and then in turn and using them as the basis of our worship. Those who took part have enjoyed the experience and have come to appreciate that the gospels are not just history and/or biography but each author has a definite theological point of view. We are now aiming to get people to share their favourite Bible passages / verses with the whole congregation.

St Saviour Oxton

Reading Luke Together is one of four initiatives in the Parish of Oxton to celebrate the YBible Year, each of them encouraging more people to read the Bible for themselves.

Download Luke Reading Programme

We’ve encouraged members of our church community to read one portion of Luke’s Gospel each day, following a pattern of readings put together by Josie Tuplin, one of our parish's Readers.

At St Saviour's we read Luke's Gospel together between Advent 2016 and Easter 2017, but if you want to follow this reading pattern, you could start at any point in the year. Each day, our Parish Leadership team tweeting a comment on that day’s passage, as a thought for the day and as the beginning of a conversation - you can find these at https://twitter.com/LukeJourney


Thurstaston and Irby

Dawpool Church of England School will have covered the whole Bible during school worship in the 2016/ 17 Academic year. On Advent Sunday the congregations of St Bartholomew, Thurstaston and St Chad’s, Irby were all given a copy of 52 thoughts and encouraged to use them, one a week throughout this Church year. Early in December the congregations were introduced to the idea of reading through the gospel of St Luke completing this by Easter (this idea was borrowed from the website and with thanks to St Saviour Oxton). Sunday sermons have also been linked to what people will have been reading in the week before. Additionally from January to June these churches are running “Multi Sensory Bible” which aims to help people to understand the whole story of the Bible from creation to Jesus’ return.

St Bartholomew, Wilmslow

Wilmslow Parish has been submitting "My favourite Bible Verse and why" from congregation members. This has included art and personal stories. We now hope to collate into a small booklet to share with the wider congregation. It's been a simple way of helping people engage with the Bible. Several people have said they have found it difficult to pick one! Our response is "pick as many as you like"!

St Oswald Church, Malpas

Initially we published an account in the Parish magazine of the YBible meeting in Chester Cathedral and asked three attendees to write an account of their impressions and what they had learnt at the meeting that would help them with their study of the Holy Bible.

We followed this with bible study evenings and the numbers attending are growing. It is adding joy and fellowship to the church as we read and discuss the book of Acts of the Apostles and we are seeing the need for us to grow in discipleship and spread the Word of God.

We have also discussed the possibility of having connections with another country to strengthen each other in the faith.

School involvement

Schools in the Diocese of Chester have been asking their pupils to illustrate their favourite Bible verses. Below are the selected illustrations from Barrow.

















If your school has participated in YBible and has illlustrations or text from pupils to share please send these to pat.pugh@chester.anglican.org

Download the YBible Logo

YBible Logo (Colour)

YBible Logo (B&W)


The Anglican Communion
The Anglican Communion’s ‘Bible in the Life of the Church’ (BILC) initiative has just completed its final publication – all the resources are also online and there’s a hope that more will be added in due course. BILC initiative has been going on across the Anglican Communion since 2009. Its focus is to help us engage more deeply with the Bible. To this end it has gathered together a ‘tool-box of educational resources’. The contents of the tool-box come from all over the Anglican Communion and are designed to help everyone from provinces, dioceses, congregations, small groups and individuals to deepen our understanding of the Bible. The resources are helpfully have arranged in three ways: By topic – what is the resource about? By type – what kind of resources is it? By audience – who is the resource for?

St Denys Bookshop, Manchester

Bible Society

British Sign Language


Bible Reading Fellowship

Scripture Union


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