Making HEADWAY 2020

Making HEADWAY: Exploring the Art of Leadership

Headway offers licensed ministers an opportunity to take part in a series of seminars and conversations reflecting on the art of leadership. The group will meet at Foxhill once a month, beginning in February 2019 and follow a two year programme.  Download the programme leaflet here

Sessions will explore contemporary thinking on leadership and will provide a safe space for those in the group to reflect theologically on different aspects of leadership, as well as applying these to their own contexts and roles. Topic areas will include: effecting change, transforming conflict, building resilience, time wisdom, and missional leadership.

We are inviting input from leading thinkers and local practitioners, including John and Olive Drane and Eve Poole. Making Headway begins on 5th February with an introduction by Bishop Peter. 

Headway is facilitated by Helen Scarisbrick (Vicar of Gee Cross), Jenny Bridgman (Associate Vicar of Timperley and Assistant DDO) and David Herbert (Continuing Ministerial Development Adviser),

The programme for the course is: 





David Herbert and Lynne Cullens

Discovering Leadership


Jenny Bridgman

Equipping God's People


Marian Sudbury

Effecting Change 1


David Brewster

Effecting Change 2


Steve Mansfield

Developing Non-anxious Presence


Jenny Bridgman

Building Confidence and Resilience


Helen Scarisbrick

Leading through Story


John Lees



David Herbert




Wellbeing (with Eucharist after lunch)

Lynne Cullens is Rector of Stockport and Brinnington; trustee of National Estate Churches Network, member of CofE's Selection Oversight Group, Estates Evangelism Task Group & Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission on Housing, Church and Local Community

Marian Sudbury is a Director within UK government leading a mixed team of civil servants and contractors spearheading exports from, and inward investment into, the UK. She will be using her secular experience of effecting change to help us in leadership and ministry.

David Brewster is Vicar of Edgeley and Cheadle Heath and Rural Dean of Stockport. He will be using his experience of effecting change in parish ministry to help us explore how we effect change.

Steve Mansfield is Vicar of All Saints, Saughall; St Oswald, Backford and Rector of Holy Trinity, Capenhurst. He is Lead Mediator and Co-ordinator of the Chester Diocesan Mediation Service.

John Lees is SSM Associate Priest in Holyford Mission Community in East Devon and Bishop’s Officer for Self-Supporting Ministry for the Diocese of Exeter. He is a career coach and strategist, and the author of 15 career and personal development books. His book Self Supporting Ministry: a Practical Guide (2018) is highly recommended. Till recently John lived in Knutsford and was part of the Headway team.


Here’s what previous Headway participants have said:

“A brilliant opportunity to develop and reflect on your own leadership style in a safe, supportive and challenging group. Great to share the highs and lows of leadership with clergy colleagues who know where you are coming from!”
Jane Proudfoot

“Headway has been an encouraging and informative series of well-paced workshops that have supported me through the transition from curacy to a full year of first incumbency. We sought to scrutinise aspects of leadership in complex parish situations, with a biblical perspective and alongside honest personal reflections of power, vulnerability and wellbeing. Headway is a learning community in which we have got to know each other well: where many years of wisdom and experience are shared, struggles aired and inspiring ideas exchanged. Headway has challenged my practice, widened my perspectives, grown my knowledge and encouraged me to try new approaches which have resulted in renewed confidence and flourishing.”
Andrew Knight

“It has been extremely enjoyable. The leadership has been first-class, the discussions have been engaging, and the fellowship has been wonderful. I feel that I have been fortunate to take the course and would certainly recommend it.”
Blair Kirby

“From Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz to Nelson Mandela, to a clip from the film Pitch Perfect called ‘The Cup Song’ - various thoughts and areas of leadership were opened up to us by the creative insights of Helen, Jenny and David.  I’ve gained confidence, learned how to celebrate failure, wrestled with imposter syndrome, reflected on my vulnerability and considered my resilience to name but a few areas of teaching. With genuine sadness I click my heels three times and return home. Thank you Headway.”
Veronica Green


Times: 10am to 3.30pm. Refreshments and lunch included
Venue: Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are at Foxhill House and Woodland, Tarvin Road, Frodsham WA6 6XB
To book: Contact Jane Hood by email or phone 01928 718834 ext 257.  Please advise dietary or other requirements at time of booking

There is no charge for this course.

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