Consultancy for Mission and Ministry

There are many definitions of coaching and consultancy (and no agreement about language!) The definitions include this one by George Lovell, founder of Avec:

  “Consultancy is a process, primarily non-directive, of seeking, giving and receiving help aimed at aiding a person, group, church or organisation to achieve their purposes in specific situations and circumstances in ways which express their personalities and beliefs.”     (From Consultancy, Ministry and Mission)  

More licensed ministers are accessing consultancy and coaching support. David Herbert, Continuing Ministerial Development Officer, has a list of consultants/coaches prepared to help ministers, projects and teams.  Areas in which help is offered include team building, project management, leadership, change management, conflict transformation, vision creation, research and development, community planning, partnership working, planning for the future, crafting short talks, strategic planning, organisational health, on-line strategies, career coaching, leading large groups, financial management, working relationships et al.

There is a Community of Practice for consultants, coaches and facilitators in the Diocese.

Some consultants are offering their services to help clergy and parishes.  This brochure explains the scheme.  Click here to download a pdf of Consultancy for Misson and Ministry.  Here's what one person says about the help she has recieved:

I met with * yesterday.  He gave me nearly three hours of his time and it was invaluable.
To have the space and make the time to talk through issues with someone who had a skill set I knew nothing about, and needed, was fantastic. He has really moved me on in respect to the presenting issue (hiring an admin person) and I think in several other areas.

Please email  if you want to know more about consultancy support or if you would like to be part of the Community of Practice.

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