CMD Subject Areas

The MDR process provides the opportunity to reflect on the future direction of our ministry, and to identify the steps we might want to take to make that ministry effective.

The list below is offered as an illustrative list of examples of subject areas to help reviewers and ministers identify ways to resource ministry development. Given the wealth of experience and learning we have to share training resources are abundant. This is contrary to what we often assume to be the case, but God’s economy, of which we are part, is not one of scarcity, but one of abundance.

David Herbert is the CMD Officer. He is able to advise on training opportunities (including those listed below), and will work with ministers to identify training resources, both inside and outside the Diocese. He will also advise those who want to be in touch with others for mentoring or coaching, as well as those who want to be part of a cell group or peer support group.

Theological and Biblical Studies

• Biblical studies
• New Testament Greek
• Hebrew
• Liturgy and Worship
• Practical theology
• Restorative justice
• Theological reflection

Developing effective ministry

• Adult education
• Belbin theory of team roles
• Change management Conflict transformation
• Communication
• Congregational studies
• Group dynamics
• IT skills – (eg Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access)
• Leadership issues
• Listening skills
• Liturgy
• Myers-Briggs
• Parish administration and management
• Preaching
• Safeguarding
• Spirituality and spiritual direction
• Supervision skills
• Time management
• Vision building
• Working with volunteers
• Works consultancy

Widening the scope of ministry

• Community development
• Disability awareness
• Diversity issues
• Growing churches
• Ministry with children
• Ministry with young people
• Ministry with the elderly
• Multi-faith issues
• Pastoral services
• Rural ministry
• Schools and governance
• Signing

Other personal issues

• Assertiveness training
• Body language – (what we say with our bodies and how we can say it different)
• Keeping going and engaged
• Retirement
• Singing
• Voice coaching
• Social networking
• Urban ministry
• Wholeness and healing

NB. This is not an exhaustive list. Additions can be suggested (with or without suggestions on how they should be resourced or facilitated

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