Arts & Faith Network

About the Arts & Faith Network  The Arts & Faith Network is part of the work of the Committee for Ministry and is designed to be a hospitable space in which artists and local churches can be in touch with one another.

Arts projects can be a powerful way to engage people by stimulating thought and emotions to consider new and deeper ways to look at life’s big questions and current issues.

The Network includes artists who represent a variety of arts: visual art, poetry, drama, lacemaking, photography, collage, textiles, music, dance ... The Network organises workshops and “breathing spaces”. 

Exploring and responding to God’s creativity through our own. Motivated by our Christian faith, we exist to:

  • support the artist as practitioner – his or her contribution to life and its meaning - in a loose and informal network
  • release understanding of creativity and re-creation in ourselves through the arts
  • encourage an understanding of the arts within faith – how artists engage with the Church and its liturgy
  • provide a hospitable space in which artists and local churches can be in touch with one another
  • develop a network (with no qualifications to join apart from an interest in the interplay between arts and faith)
  • develop the network as a hub for disseminating information
  • establish an identity and web presence for the A&F Network
  • be inclusive of all arts
  • host and/or facilitate events
  • be open to all the possibilities of art.

Possible applications of the Arts and Faith Network:

  • workshops, leading up to a weekend, a conference, or retreat
  • visits, for example to exhibitions, performances, or talks
  • showcasing particular artists’ work
  • arts in the context of healing
  • drawing in a community to produce something big
  • exploring how we hear the artist; respond to the artist; teach people to do this
  • commissioning art in its wider context (for example, in a GAP initiative, or in promoting churches as patrons) 
  • encouraging a local school to share its art with the community.

Contact David Herbert – - if you’d like to be part of the Network.


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See the RESOURCES page for details of artists who are offering workshops, exhibitions, performance for parishes and communities.

See the HERITAGE page for a comprehensive list of resources and suggestions to consider in managing the care of art works and developing art projects under headings:

  • Arts, artefacts and conservation
  • Ideas for art engagement projects
  • Finding artists and developing projects
  • Christian arts organisations
  • Local authority arts development treams
  • Regional arts organisations
  • National arts organisations
  • Local art galleries
  • Funding

What our artists are up to:

John Lindley

Jo Whittall


Artist's Work: Jo Whittall
Open Artist's Work: Jo Whittall

Artist's Work: John Lindley
Open Artist's Work: John Lindley

Arts & Faith Network Resources
These are artists who are offering help to churches in the diocese. There are links to examples of work as well as contact details.
Open Arts & Faith Network Resources