Faculty system


On 1 April 2020, Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019 came into force, updating the previous Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 of 1 January 2016. This simpler system allows more flexibility for many routine types of work to be undertaken with just the Archdeacon's approval rather than requiring a faculty.  

The overall principles of the faculty system are as follows:

  • Parishes must obtain the relevant level of authorisation in advance of any work
  • The parish must submit full details of the proposals: i.e. drawings, specifications and photographs.
  • The parish must explain why the work is needed
  • The parish must explain the significance of the fabric/area/building affected
  • The parish must, by law, undertake any necessary consultation. The DAC office will undertake any consultation with amenity societies on behalf of the parish, but the parish should undertake any required local planning authority consultation.
  • The DAC will consider each formal application and make of of three recomendations to the Diocesan Chancellor of the Consistory Court:
    • Recommend the works or proposals for approval by the Court; or
    • Does not object - this indicates some DAC reservations; or
    • Does not recommend - this indicates strong DAC reservations
  • Any work subject to a faculty application must be communicated to the wider public through public notices
  • Any representations from the public, statutory consulttes or other interest groups will be taken into due consideration by the Diocesan Chancellor before a final decision on the faculty is reached
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