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Adventuring with God
Young families from across the Diocese of Chester flocked to an Outdoor Adventure Day at Brereton Heath on 13 April. The Diocese partnered with a Christian based outdoor activities organisation, to welcome 55 people to the day.
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Volunteers needed at Creamfields
Applications to volunteer with the We are the Church team at Creamfields are now open. Around 80,000 people travel to Daresbury each year to enjoy the latest in electronic dance music from around the world at Creamfields.
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David Mach’s ‘Two Twisted’ art installation opens
A pair of Triumph convertible cars, two giant shipping containers and tonnes of newsprint are the key elements of the sculptor’s latest work, which is open to the public until May 20, 2019.
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Bishop Peter announces his retirement
"It has been a huge privilege to serve in this Diocese." The Bishop of Chester, the Rt Revd Dr Peter Forster, has announced that he will be retiring from his role on Monday 30 September 2019, after more than 22 years in the post.
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Cheadle church helps those facing divorce
St Mary's in Cheadle is running its Restored Lives course again. The course is both practical and supportive and is for anyone impacted by the end of a serious relationship whether separated, facing a divorce, or already divorced.
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All churches offered contactless payment trial
All churches in the Diocese of Chester are being offered the opportunity to trial a contactless payment system, free of charge. Churches will need to register with Parish Buying in order to take part.
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Bishop Peter's Easter Day sermon
Bishop Peter reflects on the age of unbelief in our society and calls on all Christians to embrace "the strange and mysterious beauty" of the crucifixion and resurrection that lies at the heart of our faith.
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Running a marathon through the Holy Land
"It was a truly emotional and wonderful experience." That's how Katy Wardle describes the "life-changing" Palestine Marathon she ran to raise money for good causes and to mark her 35th birthday.
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The Singing Kettle celebrates its first birthday
The Singing Kettle in Stretton, is a place where you can chat to others, make new friends and most importantly, sing-a-long to some great tunes - all served up with some tea and cake.
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Church awarded birthday development grant
St Peter's Church, Macclesfield, has been awarded a National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) grant of up to £121,500 towards the repairs of the church building – just in time to mark 170 years since the completion of the building in 1849.
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Christian Aid Week
“Christian Aid Week is an amazing celebration of our potential to change the world, through generosity, solidarity and action." This year Christian Aid Week runs from 12 to 18 May and parishes are invited to join in.
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Everyday Evangelism: Clare Doig
"The death of a child that is controlled and peaceful can give the family time to be with their little one before they start their life dancing in heaven." Clare Doig reflects on how her faith shapes how she acts in the workplace.
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Continuing a centuries-old tradition
On Mothering Sunday, the Choir of St Saviour's Church, Oxton, visited its 'mother' church - Holy Cross, at Woodchurch. Visiting the mother church on Mothering Sunday is a centuries-old tradition
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YEC inspires leaders to reach young people
150 youth leaders gathered together on Saturday 23 March in Preston to network, learn and worship together. The Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) exists to inspire and equip leaders to reach young people.
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Farewell Bishop Libby
Hundreds of well-wishers have paid tribute to Bishop Libby. The congregation bid her farewell in what was her final act of public worship in the Diocese of Chester before taking up her new episcopal duties as the Bishop of Derby.
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Changes to safeguarding arrangements
A statement from Bishop Peter Forster regarding changes to the safeguarding arrangements in the Diocese of Chester. Bishop Peter has delegated responsibility for safeguarding to Bishop Keith Sinclair.
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How to say goodbye
Writing to the parishes of the Diocese of Chester, Bishop Libby pens a heartfelt goodbye: "It has been my privilege and pleasure to live, serve and work alongside you all these years: thank you."
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A focus on helping children and families
The Connect Conference, held at Foxhill on 22 March, brought together people from across the Diocese to share and discuss the different ways to connect with children and families.
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Cathedral seeks Independent Lay Chair
Chester Cathedral is seeking the services of an Independent Lay Chair for its Cathedral Safeguarding Advisory Panel (CSAP) which will set the strategic direction for its ongoing safeguarding work.
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Kids love a Messy Breakfast
St. Saviours Church, Oxton, is one of the latest to join the Messy Church movement by holding its first Messy Breakfast, which as the name suggests is all the fun of Messy Church over breakfast.
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Everyday Evangelism: Revd Glyn Jones
The Revd Glyn Jones, SSM at Christ Church, Chester and Co-Leader of The Light Project, shares his thoughts and ideas on the ways in which he is rising to the challenge of Everday Evangelism.
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Churches to hold Brexit tea and prayer drop-ins
The Church of England has called for communities to join together in conversation and prayer. Churches will be encouraged to host informal café-style meetings over the weekend of 30 March.
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Statement from the Diocese of Chester
A statement from the Diocese of Chester in response to the sentencing of retired priest, Gordon Dickenson, who was jailed for a total of 27 months during a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court.
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Message of support to local Muslim worshippers
Bishop Keith Sinclair has shared a message of support with Muslim worshippers on the Wirral following the terrorist attack on a Mosque in New Zealand in which 50 people were killed.
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A celebration of all abilities
"I think it felt a little like being in heaven. It was a gorgeous gorgeous thing to be part of." That was how the Revd Zoe Heming described a special service to celebrate the abilities of all.
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Statement following the prosecution of retired priest Gordon Dickenson
A statement from the Diocese of Chester in response to the prosecution of retired priest Gordon Dickenson on the 06 March 2019
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Church launches Persian Holy Communion service
The Church of England has launched a Persian language translation of Holy Communion to help growing numbers of Iranians in congregations who are learning English.
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Poem for Women's World Day of Prayer
Nikki Bennett, Poet in Residence at Chester Cathedral has written a poem to celebrate Women's World Day of Prayer. She is a great believer in poetry as a way of highlighting women’s issues.
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No bed of roses for our young people
The Diocese of Chester hosted a Valentine’s day training course to help those who minister with children and young people to better understand how to support them to make and maintain healthy relationships.
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Bishop Libby legally made Bishop of Derby
The Service of Confirmation took place at St Mary-le Bow, Cheapside. The central London church is the traditional home of such occasions and the service conferred the legal authority of the role to Bishop Libby.
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