Organisations and Partnerships

The following are links to other organisations and partnerships operating in our link diocese in D R Congo.

Aru Diocese Web Site

Aru is the northern of the two dioceses we are inked to. Check out their website by following this link. 

IPASC (Institut Panafricain de Santé Communautaire et Medecine Tropicale)

IPASC is a Christian organisation and is recognized and registered as a non governmental organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Working in the dioceses of Aru and Boga IPASC was created in 1992 with the goal of improving the health and well-being of people of all cultures and faiths through a community determined approach. Visit their website to find out more of the vital work of IPASC in Aru and Boga.

Rooted in Jesus Course

As part of developing an ongoing link with the Dioceses of Aru and Boga, Chester has been working to introduce Rooted in Jesus training conferences. Rooted in Jesus  is a group course in Christian discipleship written for use in Africa. The course is published by Resource – for further information please follow this link to view the web site.

Congo Church Association

The Association exists to help the Anglican Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire). Visit their website to find out about the wider Anglican Church in Congo.  We are grateful to the CCA for providing the facility to make donations directly to Aru and Boga dioceses. Donations can be made as one of gifts or by standing order.


Kimbilio works with street children to the south of our link diocese in Lubumbashi. They provide support, education and training to former street children to reintegrate with their families and communities. Follow this link to the website

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