Archdeacon Ian: "The Earth is damaged."

The Archdeacon of Macclesfield, Ian Bishop, is today launching a Lenten journey and inviting you to take part. 

The focus for Lent this year is God's creation and the environment, an issue close to Ian's heart and one which is important to the Christian faith.  

Archdeacon Ian says: "Our Earth is deeply damaged. Global warming, rising sea levels, plastic pollution, and loss of biodiversity are all issues affecting our world.

"For Christians, this should be a cause of deep sadness, because our whole existence is grounded in the gift of life. It’s right there in the first chapter of Genesis. 

"This Lent the Diocese of Chester, led by the diocesan Environment Forum, is inviting you to join in with a Lenten journey.

"Leading the way are 40 individuals from around our diocese. They will each reflect on God’s word and God’s world, delve into scripture and share inspiring personal stories about the small ways in which they are moved to cherish the gift of life."

Further information, daily reflections and other materials for parishes to use and share, will be added in the coming days and can be found here: 

The campaign is supported by the Bishop of Birkenhead who will offer his reflection on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent which, this year, falls on Wednesday 17 February. 

Other contributors include the Bishop of Chester, and clergy and laypeople from parishes right across the diocese. 

In the launch video, which parishes are free to share across their social media channels, Archdeacon Ian invites us to take part in the Lenten journey by doing two things.

1. Following the 40 reflections each day via the website or diocesan social media channels

2. Taking up 7 mini challenges throughout Lent, each of which focuses on the environment

The seven mini challenges have been set by the diocesan Environment Forum.

Further information about the campaign can be found here: 

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