Academies - appointments of Members, Directors and Local Governing Bodies


There are two types of Diocesan appointments made within Single Academy Trusts (SAT) or very small MATs and three types of Diocesan appointments involved in Multi-Academy Trusts (MAT):

(1) DBE appointed Members - Members establish the Trust and set out its constitution through signing its memorandum and articles of association. They can appoint and dismiss directors;  

(2) Director appointments - Directors sit on the Board of Directors of the multi-academy trust. The Board of Directors have responsibilities in respect of all of the academies in the academy trust (including those which are not Church of England academies).

(3) DBE Local Governor appointments — DBE Local Governors sit on the Local Governing Body of a Church of England academy within a multi-academy trust. They may be appointed by the DBE or Directors with approval of the DBE Corporate Member. They have responsibilities in respect of their specific academy under powers delegated to the Local Governing Body by the Board of Directors and will be expected to have particular regard to the church foundation and Christian ethos of their academy.

The governance structure for each academy trust is set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association.  There are important differences between governance arrangements in a Single Academy Trust (SAT) and in a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) which have a bearing on how appointments are made.

All Members and Directors should familiarise themselves with the Memorandum and Articles for their Trust (these will be based on the Church model documents which can be found on the website). The scheme of Delegation should also be well known by all involved in the governance of any MAT.

The procedure by which the DBE makes appointments at each level can be found here.

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