The governors are responsible for:

  • the existing buildings (internal and external) including kitchens, dining areas, medical/dental rooms, swimming pools, caretakers’ dwelling houses;
  • perimeter walls and fences, even if they are around the playing fields;
  • playgrounds;
  • furniture, fixtures and fittings – including initial provision of ICT hardware and other equipment;
  • other capital items (which can include boiler replacements and replacement of services).


LAs are responsible for:

  • any revenue items (including repairs to any equipment)
  • playing fields (including sports pitches and hard surfaced games areas);
  • buildings on those fields and related to their use.


If buildings are provided solely for parochial use, then no grant is payable for either their provision or maintenance. Governors should ensure that they are entirely funded by the parish. Teacher’s houses, unless they have been adopted for school use, are the responsibility of the trustees. For further advice contact DBE officers.

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