Funding for capital work comes from a variety of grants from the ESFA, the major ones being:



Each year the school receives a Formula Capital allocation based on a lump sum plus an amount per pupil. This allocation shows the amount which can be spent on small scale capital work or as a contribution towards a larger project. The ESFA grant 90% of this amount and governors must provide 10% of the cost. The money can be rolled forward for three years, but any money not spent after three years will be lost (the DBE will inform schools and consultants if there is a danger of this occurring). The DBE holds schools’ DFC on their behalf and schools are advised by email of the amount that has been received and the balance held. Whenever a project is approved, schools are advised of the DFC balance remaining. If information is required at other times, please email Sandra Jones.


All schools have agreed to pool their DFC. This enables us, in approved cases, to allow schools to expend money from their allocation for the following year.


At the financial year end, a declaration is required by the ESFA about DFC spending. DBE officers undertake the administration of this.


SCA (School Condition Allocations)

From 2020/21, the ESFA will provide CDBE with it’s own capital allocation (similar to LAs and large Multi Academy Trusts) based on the number of pupils in VA schools in the Diocese and will fund larger projects. The DBE will be responsible for co-ordinating and administrating this fund.


Schools apply for this grant using form Capital Bid which consultants are reminded to download in September each year from the DBE website. This must be returned by 31st October for work which schools would like to begin in the following year. The bids always exceed the finance available and consequently not all bids are successful. The priority of bids is determined through issues affecting Health and Safety, capacity and suitability. The bid should refer to the school’s building development plan agreed with the governors and their consultant. Schools are expected to contribute from their DFC allocation towards these projects. Schools are notified of the outcome of bids by March prior to the work commencing. The work must be completed within the agreed timescale.


At the financial year end, a declaration is required by the ESFA about SCA/Other Grant aidable spending. DBE officers undertake the administration of this.


SALIX Funding

CDBE would expect for any project which is eligible for SALIX funding, an application be made by the consultants on behalf of the Governors. The funding is granted at 100%. Consultants must indicate in their SCA bids to what level they are anticipating the project may be funded through SALIX.

There is no need to bid for SALIX funding before submitting the SCA bid, although, we would recommend consultants contact Jack Saunders at SALIX Finance to discuss a project’s suitability and possible outcome for the funding:

Jack Saunders:           jack.saunders@salixfinance.co.uk

                                    0203 102 69 03

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