Replacement of a church noticeboard usually requires a formal faculty application unless the materials, size and design are purely like-for-like with the old noticeboard and in line with the diocesan "standard" of white lettering on a dark blue (Pantone 2747) background. If you are considering replacing an existing noticeboard, you should send details of the proposed text, design, size, material, location, a drawing of the proposed replacement and photograph of the existing noticeboard for consideration by the DAC.

You should consult your local planning department if you are proposing to change the design.  This is particularly the case where you are increasing the size of a noticeboard, as your local authority may require you to apply for Advertising Consent if the new board would be over a certain size.

You will need to apply for a faculty for any entirely new noticeboard in a new location.

The Diocese does not maintain lists of approved contractors.  However, one firm which has installed noticeboards to many churches, and whose website you may find helpful, is The Church Noticeboard Company.  This company also produces Christian Unity signs such as "One Church. One Lord. Jesus Christ. Worship Him Here."