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Collective Worship

Collective worship is very important in Church of England schools.

Collective worship must be according to the rites, practices and principles of the Church in England or Church in Wales. We provide guidelines to support this and support is available from our RE Adviser and School Consultants.





Worship Workshop is a project created by the National Society, The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and the Liturgical Commission. It aims to empower and enrich the practice of worship in our schools. It will help you to create your own patterns of worship around your own themes and provides prayers, songs, Bible readings and other useful words and ideas which are taken from the liturgy of the Church of England. These can be sorted with Season and Value indexes to make patterns where you can slot stories and other things to go with your themes. Click here to go to the website.

Bishop Presentation

The Revd Libby Lane was consecrated as the Church of England’s first woman bishop in a ceremony at York Minster on Monday 26 January.  To recognise this, we have produced a PowerPoint presentation which could be used in collective worship. To download it, click here.

Collective Worship Outlines for our Democratic Republic of Congo link

There are four collective worship outlines available inspired by visits to schools and churches in Aru one of our link dioceses in DR Congo. These, with a pack of further supporting activities exploring the lives of children in DR Congo are free to dowload here. For accompanying photos, video clips and music or to arrange a visit to help children engage with this part of the world in the context of collective worship or RE, please contact David Bell. General information about the diocesan link with Aru and Boga Dioceses is available here.

Other Collective Worship Resources

For links to other resources, click here.

Resource to help children pray

Jane Brooke has produced a helpful resource to help children listen to God based on a process from the Fellowship of Contemplative prayer which will be very useful in collective worship.  To download it, click here.

Resources to help explore issues of poverty faced by young people

A recent study has found that family debt is affecting 2.5 million children. Here are just a few of the findings:

  • Bullying - Children in families with problem debt are more than twice as likely to be unhappy at school and be bullied because they don’t have the same things as their friends.
  • Worry - More than half of children (58%) in families with problem debt say they worry about their family’s financial situation.
  • Going without - Nine out of ten families in problem debt say they have had to cut back on essentials like food, clothing or heating for their children in order to keep up repayments.
  • Early exposure to debt - More than half of children aged 10 to 17 said they saw advertising for loans ‘often’ or ‘all of the time’. But only one in five children said that their school had taught them about money management and debt.

This means that many children in our schools are potentially facing issues of poverty, debt or deprivation.

The Church Urban Fund works to tackle issues of poverty with individuals and churches in England. To help school teachers, they have developed a range of resources to help explore issues of poverty faced by our young people.

Web of Poverty Primary KS1 Assembly (15-20mins)
Web of Poverty Primary KS2 Assembly (15-20mins)
Web of Poverty Secondary KS3 Assembly (15-20 mins)
Web of Poverty Class Reflections (5 x 5mins sessions)

Collective Worship documents

Download the Collective Worship Guidelines for Primary Schools.
Printed copies are available at a cost of £5 per copy for schools which are members of the Chester Diocesan Family of Schools and £10 per copy to others. Contact Sandra Reynolds.

Download the Collective Worship Guidelines for Secondary Schools.

Download an exemplar policy for collective worship in primary schools.

Download an exemplar code of practice for collective worship in primary schools.

Download an exemplar policy for collective worship in secondary schools.

Download an exemplar code of practice for collective worship in secondary schools

Download a proforma for long term planning.

Download a proforma for medium term planning.

Download a proforma for short term planning.

Download a daily worship planning proforma.

Download a table for a SWOT analysis of school's collective worship.

Download an evaluation proforma for collective worship.

Download an observation proforma for collective worship.

Download the SIAS Questions for collective worship

See information about the Christian Year.

Links to download information about "What's On" month by month are sent to schools who are members of Chester Diocesan Family of Schools.

Download notes for visiting speakers at collective worship.

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