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Local Support

Fundraising support from community organisations with local knowledge

We would strongly recommend you consider contacting the following community organisations for skills-share initiatives (professional advice offered for free), knowledge of local funding sources and/or obtaining 1 to 1 support and training.


Voluntary Community Associations

Also known as Voluntary Action or Community Voluntary Service (CVS). This is an important organisation for receiving support. There are local branches across the country. They may be able to offer funding advice, training, 1 to 1 support; some may offer skills-share initiatives.

As well as gaining information from their website, we’d recommend subscribing to their newsletter to receive regular funding e-bulletins. You could also give them a call to meet them in person. The main CVS's in the area are as follows:


Other community voluntary support organisations

  • Community Foundations. Community foundations support philanthropy and are a resource in community development. They run a grants scheme, matching the interests of Trusts and business donors to community projects requiring support. The best place to start is by phoning your nearest branch to talk through your project and the difference it will make to local communities and gain their advice on possible funding opportunities. Foundations in the area are as follows:
  • Cheshire Community Action This organisation provides advice and guidance for rural Cheshire, Halton and the Warrington. This includes funding advice. On the website, look at the tabs on the left hand side for ‘Community Development’, ‘Community buildings’ and ‘Grants and Funding’.
  • Cheshire Connect Skills-share initiative. This organisation matches the skills and expertise of local businesses and professionals, kindly offered for free, with the needs of the voluntary and community sector
  • Resonate Connect. Skills-share initiative. For the Greater Manchester area, matching the skills and expertise of local businesses and professionals, kindly offered for free, with the needs of the voluntary and community sector


Local authority (council) support


Your council may have a Fundraising Officer and/or website advice. Each council may have a Members Budget and/or Local Forum funding. Also contact your local MP for advice and support. For example:

Gathering evidence of need for your project and/or identifying possible partnerships
  • Community Development Officer. A council role might be called a Community Resilience Manager (Cheshire East), Locality Manager (Cheshire West) or other similar title. The officer may be able to attend specific project meetings or offer advice about developing your project, for example, providing research on local needs and assets
  • Statistics team. Your council may have a department for gathering research on demographics in the area to help identify needs to which your project could respond. For example,
  • Neighbourhood Plan, Local Area Plan.  Consider how your project can be part of your Neighbourhood Plan, or for some areas, Local Area Partnership and/or Local Strategic Partnership.  To find out if your area is developing or has Neighbourhood Plan, search your council website. The plan focuses on land use, for example, how church land could be developed or how the church could improve its building and land assets as part of meeting wider community needs. For example:
  • Parish Council. Contact your parish council to ask what research they have available to understand local needs and assets and potential developments in the area.
  • Index of Multiple Deprivation. Your parish and neighbourhood has been ranked against national indicators to show the level of deprivation in your area. You can find out your score and particular issues affecting your area through two main sources:


You may also like to look at the 'Grow Your team' section of the Heritage section of this website.  

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