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Many churches possess historic pews, furniture and other woodwork, all of which call for careful proactive maintenance. The worst sources of potential damage are water, changes in temperature and changes in humidity. With increased use of our church buildings for social events, spillages of drinks and rings left under cups can create substantial damage over time. Parishes should remain alert for such dangers and take action to prevent them.

Detailed advice: The Diocesan Furniture Adviser is available to provide advice on particular schemes - please contact the DAC Secretary in the first instance. Advice is also available from the Churchcare website.

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The DAC Office - The office of the Diocesan Advisory Commitee (DAC) has responsibility for progressing faculty applications and providing policy advice on church building matters.  The answer to most popular enquiries will be available via these web pages but do contact the DAC Office if not.  Where appropriate, the DAC Office can put you in touch with churches who have undertaken similar work to any scheme you might be proposing yourself.