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Sources of Advice

Your parish might be undertaking a particular scheme of works for the first time. This can sometimes appear daunting but there are many sources of advice available.

Your Quinquennial Inspection architect
Your nominated church architect has the specialist experience and expertise to advise you on any issue of caring for, or developing, your church fabric.

An independent consultant or contractor
Your church architect may defer to an independent consultant or contractor for issues requiring particularly specialist knowledge. Such areas would include heating systems, major lighting schemes or conservation of very historic items.

The Church Buildings Council Churchcare website
This is a particularly useful source of detailed and authoritative advice on virtually all aspects of church maintenance and development.

The Chester Diocesan DAC web pages
Advice on a wide range of different issues is available and regularly updated.
The DAC Office
The DAC Office will normally be able to provide direct guidance and can often put you in touch with other churches who have already undertaken similar work and who will be willing to share their experiences with you.

The Chester Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)
Parishes can approach the DAC for informal advice prior to submitting a formal application. Where appropriate the DAC may offer a site visit to discuss the issues informally with you. Please direct your enquiry via the DAC Office.

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The DAC Office - The office of the Diocesan Advisory Commitee (DAC) has responsibility for progressing faculty applications and providing policy advice on church building matters.  The answer to most popular enquiries will be available via these web pages but do contact the DAC Office if not.  Where appropriate, the DAC Office can put you in touch with churches who have undertaken similar work to any scheme you might be proposing yourself.