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Gutters to Clergy Houses

Extract from ‘housing guide’

Essential repairs and maintenance (to guttering) are carried out by the diocese as necessary, and the clearing of gutters is a diocesan responsibility.

Occupants are asked, however, to responsibly assist (if possible) by having leaves and other debris cleared in gutters in low risk locations. Take a sensible approach when considering precautions for work at height.  If in doubt, please read the HSE’s Working at Height – A Brief Guide or contact the Surveyor’s Department for advice

The Surveyors department will be happy to arrange for high level guttering (and low level gutters if required) to be cleared in the autumn if necessary.  This prevents the possible risk of problems with water ingress and damp from overflowing gutters.
If you feel that the gutters to your house are badly affected by autumn leaves or other debris, which you are unable to clear yourself, please contact the surveyors department – 01928 718834 option 5.

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