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CSR Encouraging faith in action

Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Christian understanding of God's love for the whole world. We strive to respond to the call of our loving and self giving God through relationship and engagement with His world. Social Responsibility enables us to explore, explain and demonstrate how God's love may be understood in the challenges that face humanity at a personal and corporate level.

We look to Jesus' ministry for the pattern of our work:

  • Pastoral: in service and search for justice for those who suffer and are in need
  • Prophetic: in speaking out about the love and justice of God, if necessary over and against the world
  • Priestly: in assisting others in their walk with Christ.

The Spirit of God is constantly at work renewing and restoring the world. That same Spirit inspires us to join is His work. The Committee for Social Responsibility seeks to reflect this in the Diocese of Chester in the following areas of work: 


Areas of Activity










Criminal Justice

Disability and Deafness





Family Life









Life Expectancy Wirral





Mental Health




Minority Ethnic Anglicans








Transforming Lives Together
























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