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Godly Play

Some churches in the diocese use Godly Play as part of their ministry with children.

We hold support meetings twice a year on Saturday mornings in a fairly central location. These offer an opportunity to experience new stories, share ideas and concerns and to develop thinking about how to use, adapt and expand Godly Play practice in different settings.

Arising from the support sessions, churches have shared some handouts on Godly Play practice and their own original scripts for reflective storytelling in a similar style. These are available for download here:

David and Goliath

Easter Breakfast, outline and poster

Exploring Psalms with Godly Play

Godly Play The Fall - text

The Fall - Diagram

Helping Adults join in godly Play

The Body of Christ

Ticket to Heaven

An alternative Advent series

Pyramid Template



Taster sessions and training in Godly Play are also available for churches, contact Sandra James for more information.

Godly Play – a list of resources


The Complete Guide to Godly Play 
Volume 1 - a complete introduction to Godly Play.
Volume 2 - 14 presentations for Fall - Old Testament stories.
Volume 3 - 20 presentations for Winter - Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, baptism parables.
Volume 4 - 20 presentations for Spring - Easter and more.
Volume 5 - practical help from practitioners around the world.
Volume 6 - 15 enrichment lessons for Autumn - stories of Old Testament characters
Volume 7 - 16 presentations on saints.
Volume 8 - 15 presentations on Jesus.

All the above are by Jerome Berryman and published by ‘Living the Good Life News’

Teaching Godly Play - how to mentor the spiritual development of children.
By Jerome Berryman. Published by Morehouse Publishing

Godly Play: a way of religious education
By Jerome Berryman. Published by Harper Collins

Young Children and Worship A practical guide in the Godly Play style, with scripts for presenting a variety of Bible stories.
by Jerome Berryman and Sonja Stewart. Published by Westminster John Knox Press

Other books and sources of stories

Following Jesus - follow on stories from Young Children and Worship.
By Sonja Stewart.  Published by Westminster John Knox Press

Living in a Fragile World - A spiritual exploration of conservation and citizenship in the Godly Play style.
By Peter Privett.  Published by Barnabas

Leading Children in Worship. Bible stories and lesson plans in the Young Children and Worship style.
By Helene G Zwyghuizen. Published by Baker Publishing Group

Praise and Play - worshiping with under-fives.
By Alison Harris.  Published by Barnabas

Storybags and  More Storybags
By Margaret Cooling.  Published by Barnabas

Barnabas in Churches website for further reflective

Figures etc
Saint Michael's Cottage Crafts – the official UK source for Godly Play resources.
Tel: 01603 746106  visit:
or email:

Godly Play resources for loan are kept by Chester Cathedral and in Macclesfield. Contact details are available from David Bell. Download list of items available.

To find out more about Godly Play, visit:

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