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Diocesan Synod

News and announcements.


Diocesan Synod Dates 2016

Saturday 12th March 2016

Saturday 11th June 2016 (Reserve Date)

Saturday 12th November 2016

Synod members will receive papers prior to each meeting.


Diocesan Synod on Saturday 14th November 2015

Synod will meet at St. John's Church Centre, Hartford at 11am on 14th November.  The meeting will be preceded by a Eucharist to open the new synod at St. John's Church at 9.30am.  During the Eucharist the licensing of Revd David Woodall as Warden of Foxhill will take place.

Agenda and Papers

Report on York 2015 General Synod


Diocesan Synod sub-committee Elections


Chair of the House of Clergy

Revd Dr Robert Speight Munro

Chair of the House of Laity

Canon Dr John Philip Mason

Bishop’s Council (Chester Clergy)

Revd Simon Drew

Revd Canon David Rhys Felix

Revd Andrew Quentin Greenhough

Revd Carol Seddon

Revd Michael Ian Antony Smith

Bishop’s Council (Chester Laity)

Dr Graham Campbell

Dr Alan Dowen

Mr John Freeman

Canon Elizabeth Renshaw MBE

Mr John Scrivener

Bishop’s Council (Macclesfield Clergy)

Revd Canon Elaine Chegwin Hall

Revd Simon Gales

Revd Julian Heaton

Revd Dr David Page

Revd Alex Sanders

Bishop's Council (Macclesfield Laity)

Miss Fiona Susan Goode

Mrs Jenifer Susan Kidd

Mr Victor John Legg

Mr David Anthony Marriott

Mr Ian Roberts

Committee for Social Responsibility (Clergy)

Revd Andrew Greenhough

Revd Margaret Jones

Revd Jane Parry

Revd Tina Upton

Committee for Social Responsibility (Laity)

Mrs Kath Cliffe

Mr John Jeremy Collier Freeman

Mrs Madeleine Watts

Dr Christine Wetherell

Committee for Ministry (Clergy)

Revd George Crowder           

Revd James Durbin

Revd James Hughes

Revd Dr Joe Kennedy

Committee for Ministry (Laity)

No nominations – four vacancies

Education Committee (Clergy)

Revd Lynn Boyle

Education Committee (Laity)

Mr Ian Roberts

Vacancy-in-See Committee (Clergy)

Revd Peter Froggatt

Revd Julian Heaton

Vacancy-in-See Committee (Laity)

Mr Ian Halliday

Mr Ian Roberts

Parish Share Appeals Committee (Chester)

Mr John Freeman

Parish Share Appeals Committee (Macclesfield)

No nominations – one vacancy



Diocesan Synod Elections 2015

Membership list of Diocesan Synod following the summer 2015 elections

Diocesan Synod Dates 2015

Saturday 14 March 2015

Saturday 13 June 2015

Saturday 14 November 2015

Diocesan Synod on Saturday 13th June 2015

Synod will meet at St. John's Church Centre, Hartford at 9.15am on 13th June.  The meeting will be preceded by the AGM of the Diocesan Board of Finance.

AGM Papers

Diocesan Synod Agenda and Papers

2014 Annual Report

Presidential Address

Diocesan Synod on Saturday 14th March 2015
Synod will met at St. Peter's Church Centre, Elworth at 9.00am on 14th March, beginning with a separate meeting of the House of Laity.

March 2015_Diocesan_Synod_papers.pdf








Diocesan Synod on Saturday 15th November 2014

Synod will meet at St. John's Church Centre, Hartford at 9.15am on 15th November.  The meeting will be preceded by an EGM of the Diocesan Board of Finance.




Diocesan Synod on Saturday 21st June 2014

Synod will meet at St. John's Church Centre, Hartford at 9.15am on 21st June.  The meeting will be preceded by the AGM of the Diocesan Board of Finance.

AGM Papers

Diocesan Synod Agenda and Papers

2013 Annual Report

Diocesan Synod on Wednesday 21st May 2014

Synod will meet at St. Lawrence’s Church, Frodsham at 7.30pm on 21st May to consider the reference from General Synod concerning Women in the Episcopate.

Agenda and Papers

The motion "That this Synod approve the proposals embodied in the draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure and draft Amending Canon No 33." was carried in all houses.

The voting was:-

House of Bishops

For 2; Against 0; Abstentions 0

House of Clergy

For 37; Against 10; Abstentions 3

House of Laity

For 48; Against 7; Abstentions 3

The dates for Diocesan Synods for 2014 are 15 March, 21 June and 15 November

There will be an extra meeting on the evening of 21 May 2014 to discuss the General Synod Article 8 reference to Dioceses concerning Women in the Episcopate. Further details here soon.

Saturday 16 November 2013

The Diocesan Synod agreed arrangements for Deanery Synod elections and the lay conference in 2014. It received a report on progress with the setting up of Transforming lives together, on the July 2013 group of sessions of General Synod, and the proposals for year 4 of Growth Action Planning (GAP) process. The Synod also agreed the 2014 budget and revised parish share bands.


Diocesan Synod on Saturday 22 June 2013

The Diocesan Synod received reports on the visit of the Melanesian Brothers and Sisters to the Diocese, the budget for 2014, and the Cathedral.

They also received the 2012 Annual report and financial statements.

The Bishop of Chester gave a presidential address. Copy here

Agenda. Tabled paper


Diocesan Synod on Saturday 16 March 2013

The Diocesan Synod discussed a new joint venture with the Church Urban Fund, Annual reports from Diocesan Committees and the Growth Action Planning process.

There was also discussion of Bishops Council matters and the General Synod meetings in November.

Papers and presentations can be found below.

Agenda. Tabled paper

General Synod Report - Jonathan Gibbs

General Synod Report - John Mason

Joint Venture

Committee for Social Responsibility

Committee for Ministry



Gap Presentation 1

Gap Presentation 2

The Church Growth Research Programme website can be found here.

Meeting of the new Diocesan Synod Saturday 10 November 2012

Diocesan SynodBishop Keith at Diocesan SynodChancellor of the Diocese of Chester David Turner

Pictured - the new Diocesan Synod, Bishop Keith reporting on the visit to Aru Diocese, the Chancellor of the Diocese

The meeting started with a Eucharist at which the His Honour Judge David Turner QC (Chancellor of the Diocese of Chester) preached. His sermon can be found here.

The main items of business of the Diocesan Synod included the Diocesan Chancellor taking questions, approval of the budget for 2013, a report on a visit to Aru Diocese, and a report on the July sessions for General Synod.

Agenda papers for November 2012 meeting (pdf)

Meeting June 2012

The previous Diocesan Synod approved the Diocesan accounts for 2011, gave initial comments on the 2013 budget, discussed and approved a review of the parish share scheme and received the Bishop of Chester's presidential address.

Agenda papers for June 2012 meeting (pdf)

Bishop Peter's Presidential Address (pdf)

Chester Diocesan Board of Finance - Annual Report and Accounts for 2011 (pdf)


Other information

Diocesan Synod Standing orders (pdf)

CSR Poverty resources including Frank Fields report

Please send any questions on Diocesan Synod to

George Colville
Diocesan Secretary
Church House
5500 Daresbury Park

Telephone: 01928 718834


2015 APCM letter


In 2011 two important votes on the Anglican Covenant and Women in the Episcopate took place at Diocesan Synod. Details can be found below of the outcome.

Voting on the Anglican Covenant

The Diocesan Synod voted on the Article 8 reference by General Synod as follows:-

"That this Synod approve the draft Act of Synod adopting the Anglican Communion Covenant"

House of Bishops - For 3; Against 0; Abstentions 0

House of Clergy - For 22; Against 14; Abstentions 5

House of Laity - For 26; Against 23; Abstentions 5

The motion was therefore carried

A following motion was defeated on a vote of the whole Synod. (For 36, Against 49, Abstentions 17)

Anglican Covenant Reference to the Diocese

The Diocesan Synod consided the Anglican Covenant at its March 2012 meeting. Background material for that discussion can be found below.

Note from the Business Committee of the General Synod (GS Misc 971)

Transcript of the General Synod debate on the Covenant in November 2010

Text of the draft Act of Synod adopting the Anglican Communion Covenant (GS 1809)

A background paper from the Faith and Order Commission prepared for General Synod in November 2010 (GS Misc 966). The background paper includes material about the history of the Covenant, provides some answers to frequently asked questions and also gives the full text of the Covenant itself.

David Blackmore and Roger Yates have prepared the following two documents to assist Deaneries in their discussions.

Anglican Covenant 1

Anglican Covenant 2

Other external links providing further information

Yes to the Anglican Covenant website including a video message from the Archbishop of Canterbury introducing the Anglican Communion Covenant.

No Anglican Covenant website including Bishop Peter Selby's 10 Reasons against

Fulcrum A Churchgoers Guide to Anglican Communion Covenant (including 10 Reasons for )

Anglican Communion website The Covenant Study materials and Q and A documents

Church Times Article


Women bishops reference to dioceses November 2011 meeting.

The Article 8 process regarding women bishops is outlined and explained in a note from the Business Committee of the General Synod GS Misc 964.

The Business Committee has also circulated four other documents: a background note on the history of the legislative proposals A8(WE)BACKGROUND; the draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure A8(WE)M; the draft amending Canon 30 A8(WE)AC; and an explanatory memorandum relating to the draft measure and amending Canon A8(WE)X.

Further information on women bishops from the National Church

Diocesan briefing paper

Voting - Consecration of Women to the Episcopate (November 2011)

The votes cast where:-

House of Bishops - For 2; Against 0; Abstentions 2

House of Clergy - For 46; Against 21; Abstentions 3

House of Laity - For 50; Against 15; Abstentions 3

The motion was therefore carried

The Synod having agreed unanimously to combine the motions on the agenda then voted on a following motion

"This Synod

1. Desires that all faithful Anglicans remain and thrive together in the Church of England; and therefore

request the General Synod to debate a motion in the following form:

"That this synod [ie the General Synod] call upon the House of Bishops, in exercise of its powers under standing order 60(b), to amend the draft Bishops and Priests[Consecration and Ordinantion of Women] Measure in the manner propose by the Archbishops of Canterbury and york at the Revision Stage for the draft Measure"

Despite a small majority overall, in a vote by houses the House of Bishops and Clergy voted for the motion and the House of laity vote was tied and therefore the motion just failed to be carried.

House of Bishops - For 3; Against 1; Abstentions 0

House of Clergy - For 36; Against 31; Abstentions 1

House of Laity - For 34; Against 34; Abstentions 1







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