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GAP: Resources to help GAP goals

The Diocese has a wealth of resources which we hope may help you with your GAP process. As there seem to be many common goals among parishes, we have created categories under which have questions or statements which link to the relevant web-page of resources.


GAP prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
You command and inspire your church to make disciples:
May our church become a joyful and vibrant community of welcome, worship and service, spreading hope to those around us and attracting others to the fire of your love:
May your Spirit be at work through our Growth Action Planning, helping us to catch a vision for your church and to serve you faithfully, to your glory and honour.



A major goal of GAP is that we grow in maturity, and that churches grow in spiritual vitality. Central to this process is reading of, and meditating on, Scripture. Many Christians lament their poor knowledge and understanding of the Bible. They hear it read in church but relatively few read it regularly for themselves, despite the various modern translations available.

Bible study...
Do you want to help people "get into the bible" and apply its message to their lives?



A number of parishes have identified Pastoral Issues in their GAP process and the desire to reach out to different groups. This is to be welcomed as we seek to be an inclusive community and to use our gifts and resources to reach out to those in need. However, many do not feel fully equipped or confident for this important ministry and the work may be emotionally demanding. Building in ongoing support, information and/or training may be an important part of developing or improving pastoral care.

Bereavement support...
Do you want help with running a bereavement or listening course?
Do you need support for the work you are doing with people who have been bereaved?

Mental Health Issues...
Do you want to raise awareness of and provide greater support for people in your parish who are experiencing mental health problems? The Mental Health Forum was set up 2 years ago and seeks to provide further support, information and training on mental health issues. If you are interested in getting involved with the forum, would like further information on providing training or help with setting up a support group, please contact Jane Knight for more information (Tel: 07918 732806)



It is very encouraging that a large number of parishes have included a desire to improve both the physical access and the welcome which they are able to offer in their churches in their GAP process. Parishes have acknowledged the need to improve our buildings to create more flexible and attractive places for worship and fellowship and for community use. The desire to make our ‘beautiful buildings more functional’ and to provide the facilities, particularly of toilets, will encourage more people to feel welcome and comfortable in our church family. Some parishes have stated the intention to improve the sound system, lighting and car parking.

Is your building accessible to all?
Do you need a faculty?


If you have suggestions for content or would like to celebrate your successes by having your story told on the Diocesan web pages please let us know.

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