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Chester Congo Link

Chester Diocese is linked to the Anglican Dioceses of Aru and Boga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Chester Dioceses we are greatly blessed and enriched by our links with Aru and Boga Dioceses in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Alongside the Melanesian link our link to the DR Congo contributes to our own identity in connecting us in a real and tangible way with the worldwide Anglican Church.

The link was formalised at the time of the  Lambeth Conference in 2008 with the then bishops of Aru and Boga, Ande and Isingoma (now Bp William) . Since that date through regular visits from Chester to Congo and of key Congolese church leaders to the UK a deepening relationship and friendship has formed between the three dioceses.

From the beginning Bishop Ande of Aru diocese has stressed the link was not primarily about money, but about prayer, friendship and fellowship. 

‘The world is like a small village. Often the perception for Western people is that the need is for money. Whilst that certainly does help, it does not make you friends’. Bp Ande

Supporting the link

We are therefore looking for churches and individuals in Chester Diocese who would like to support this link through:

  • friendship
  • understanding
  • and prayer across our Dioceses.

If you would like more information drop us an e-mail and we can add you to our monthly mailing list. You can contact us at  

Our link is about prayer support and learning form each other developing a world wide understanding of the Kingdom of God. We are not therefore primarily about raising funds however there is great need in Congo and if through friendship you or your Church would like to make a donation it would be gratefully received and put to good use.

You can make a donation to the Anglican Dioceses of Aru and Boga that Chester is linked with through the Congo Churches Association. Follow this link and mark donations for Aru and Boga Dioceses. You can also donate to IPASC the Christian trust founded to improve heath care in the DR Congo working with the dioceses and teaching community heath through there website by following this link. mission through this link is to be one church in different places, developing a world- wide understanding of the kingdom of God by:

Organisations and Partnerships



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