The Bible in a day


There will be a reading of the ‘whole bible’ In Chester Cathedral on Thursday November 9th, using Trevor Dennis’s The Book of Books: The Bible Retold. It’s a retelling of some of the finest stories and poems of the Bible, which Lion Hudson published back in 2003, when Trevor was Vice Dean at the Cathedral.

Sixteen schools from Chester and surrounding villages, plus sixteen Chester churches will read it all, starting at 8am with Trevor’s retelling of the stunning Creation stories from Genesis, and finishing at 8.30pm with his version of passages from Revelation.

Each school and church taking part has promised to raise a minimum of £100 for Christian Aid.

Elisabeth Forster is among those individuals who will be reading during the first hour, and in the early afternoon a recording of Rowan Williams and Loretta Minghella, Christian Aid’s CEO, who have recorded passages will be played. All the other readings will be live, and people are most welcome to pop into the Refectory at any time on November 9th – you can sample the Refectory’s delicious refreshments while you listen!

The Cathedral is very generously making no charge, and Lion Hudson have given a copy of The Book of Books to each of the churches and schools involved, so every pound raised will go straight to Christian Aid.