Pastoral Workers welcomed


Jo Whittall, Katy Jones and Wendy Luxon were licensed and admitted as Pastoral Workers by Bishop Libby at Chester Cathedral on September 23rd. The service was held in the Quire which was a first for this service. It's a smaller space than the nave and it resulted in an extraordinary blend of intimacy and closeness which, mixed as it was with the grandeur of the whole (and enhanced by the beautiful singing of the St Cecilia's choir) made for a really special service.

Vivien Gisby, Warden of Pastoral Workers and Readers, said; “I know that those becoming Emeritus (Ray Hepworth, Jan Lupton and Carol Jordan) felt really blessed too. We pray for all six Pastoral Workers at whatever stage they are in their ministerial journey, and thank them for being prepared to offer their time and gifts in Christ’s service and for His glory.”