New Warden and Assistant Wardens of Readers Licensed


Bishop Peter has licensed three new officers to support the ministry of readers in the diocese. Pictured are Vivien Gisby (Warden of Readers, centre), Fran Hiles (Assistant Warden of Readers for Macclesfield Archdeaconry, left) and Christine Broad (Assistant Warden for Chester Archdeaconry, right).


They will be responsible for supporting the ministry of readers across the diocese, including selection. In licensing Vivien, Fran and Christine to their new roles, Bishop Peter also paid tribute to the work of their predecessors, including John Knowles (Warden of Readers) and Cheryl Coverley and Mike Turnbull (Assistants in Chester and Macclesfield respectively).


Welcoming them to their new roles, Michael Gilbertson, the Archdeacon of Chester and Chair of the Committee for Ministry, said ‘I am very pleased that Vivien, Fran and Christine have taken up these important roles in the diocese. Readers are a vital and thriving part of mission in our parishes and it is very encouraging to see the continuing high numbers of vocations to this important ministry.’ Vivien, Fran and Christine will be working alongside the Readers’ Council, the Committee for Ministry, the Deanery Sub Wardens of Readers, and Liz Shercliff, the Director of Studies for Readers, who oversees reader training.