Conversations about mental health


One in four people will have some experience of a mental health problem. This means there will be many people in our communities who are affected but prefer not to talk about it.

Photo caption: Delegates demonstrate how one in four people will have mental health problems by holding paper in front of their faces.

This means we will all know someone who has a mental health problem but they may not know how to tell us. Most people prefer not to talk about it for fear of rejection or of being judged.

A recent training event at St John’s in Hartford gathered 75 people from across the Diocese to talk about Mental Health.

The aim was to offer further opportunities to talk about mental health, to raise awareness, increase understanding and consider how this might influence work in our communities. Conversations took place on aspects of mental health including Depression, Addictions and Dementia and many powerful, personal stories and experiences were heard and explored.

You can read more about these issues at World Mental Health Day takes place in October.

Chester Diocese offers a number of services which include: therapeutic counselling, consultative support for clergy and licensed workers, mediation, and training through the IME/CME training programmes for clergy and pastoral workers. Jane Knight,Head of Counselling Services, can be contacted at by telephoning one of her dedicated, confidential numbers: 01270 652034 or 07918 732 806.