Bishop’s party lands in the Congo


Bishop Keith and six travellers from the Diocese of Chester are currently visiting our link  Diocese of Aru and Boga in the Democratic republic of Congo.

The visit runs from 24th July and 8th August 2017. Those travelling are: Bishop Keith, Archdeacon Ian, John Owens, Ralph Kemp, Ruth Abbott, Philip Alston and Richard Cussons. They will take part in a youth conference, visit many churches and join in a clergy conference before returning home.

Revd Ralph Kemp said: “Please pray for a safe trip and for a building of the link and relationships while away. “

Please pray for the following as the visit continues

Thursday 27th July - Sunday 30th July

  • Youth Conference
  • Main themes:
  • Youth and Ministry                         
  • Young People Rooted in Christ
  • Salvation                                                             
  • Effective Ministry of a Young Person
  • Children’s Ministry                                         
  • Challenges in the Face of Globalisation
  • How to bring Children to Christ                 
  • Christians Rooted in Christ for an Effective Ministry (services and visits)

Wednesday 2nd - Thursday 3rd August

  • Pastors’ Retreat
  • Main Theme:
  • ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’
  • Leading by Grace and Truth
  • The Liberation Truth
  • Faith in Action
  • Jesus, the Way

Friday 4th August - Confirmation Service

Chester Diocese is linked to the Anglican Diocese of Aru and Boga in the Democratic republic of Congo. Our mission through this link is to be one church in different places, developing a world- wide understanding of the kingdom of God by:

  • praying for one another regularly
  • finding ways of doing things together and by learning from one another through the exchange of information and visits.
  • sharing problems, joy’s and opportunities and offering mutual support
  • encourage positive and active participation by parish links.