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Digital Giving Evening 

Tuesday 26 June 2018, Church House, Daresbury Park

The Mission Team would like to invite you to an evening event for Parish Giving Officers and all those who have an interest in developing digital giving in the parish.

We are living in an increasingly cashless society and new forms of giving are growing fast. This is particularly true amongst younger givers, but many older givers give through digital giving portals too.

Although regular giving is the bedrock of support for most churches, one-off donations are a very useful additional supplement to this. Enabling people to make a one off donation online, by mobile phone or by card can really increase the amount your church can raise for the mission of the local church and specific appeals.

Led by Eleanor Stead and Esther Stewart from the Church of England’s National Stewardship Team, we will be exploring the world of digital giving. During the first part of the evening Eleanor and Esther will:

  • Introduce the Digital Giving scene and explain what Digital Giving is

  • Introduce us to various donation platforms

  • Talk about Text Giving and Crowd Funding

The second part of the evening will take the form of a Card Reader Workshop when Eleanor and Esther will:

  • Introduce us to Card Readers

  • Talk about the Church of England’s Card Reader Trials

  • Introduce and demonstrate Card Readers that are available through the Parish Buying Service

  • Explore how card readers can be used in your church

There will also be an opportunity to practice using a card reader and download the card reader app so please do bring your mobile phone.

Refreshments will be served from 7pm with a 7.30pm start

To book your place please click here

Changes to the Small Donations Scheme

Following the changes to the Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) arising from the Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Act 2017, the guidance on the Church of England’s Parish Resources website has now been updated. The following link will take you to the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme page on the Parish Resources website.

Key changes to the scheme are that for donations received from April 6th 2017:

  • The Community Buildings element of the scheme will operate in a similar way to the core 'top-up' element, in that parishes need no longer worry about 10 people being present in a service, wall-safe donations will count for all churches, as will donations received outside of the building.
  • Contactless donations can now be included.  This will currently be irrelevant for most churches, although it is becoming a viable option, and the Church of England’s  National  Stewardship Team have released a case study on the Parish Resources digital giving page ( )  
  • Qualification requirements have been simplified so that providing charities have not incurred a penalty relating to a Gift Aid or GASDS claim in the current or previous tax year they will be able to use the scheme, subject to the qualifying amount of Gift Aid being claimed. 
  • Parishes can claim on one part of the scheme or the other, but not both.  There is a complex option that parishes could legally claim on both parts on donations received prior to April 2017, if they get their record keeping spot on, although the National Stewardship Team discourages them from claiming on both parts.

                 Posted 10 May 2017