Schools Stories

One Parish told us...

As a result of ‘Pray Bake Read’ volunteers going into a local school for boys with behavioural issues, the class teacher asked us to provide 20 Bibles.  The majority of these have been given to individual boys who specifically asked to have their own one.  We put a little presentation sticker in the front of them with their name on, so they know that it is theirs to keep.  The first week it was offered to them, only a few said yes.  By the next week, nearly all of the remaining boys asked for one. 

One boy, when sitting down to do his reading with our volunteer, told her he had swapped to a new reading book - and then pulled out his Bible.  She suggested they started with the gospel of Mark, so he is now reading it to her each week!

The few remaining Bibles will be kept in the classroom for use in RE lessons.

Another of the volunteers who works with that school ran an art project with the students based on the painting ‘Scream’. Each child then did a self portrait of themselves screaming. The church displayed these in an exhibition for people to see. The boys were extremely proud to show off their fantastic work!

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