Vision for church buildings

Whether it's installing new facilities, a major re-development project, building an extension or building a new church or hall, there is a wealth of guidance to help the project get off on the right foot. Below are some suggestions to help you develop a vision for your building(s):

  • Prayer! The beginning and sustaining of all work in order to identify and maintain a Godly vision for your church.
  • A missional heart for connecting with communities- these short videos by the Church Mission Society may be of inspiration. Also see videos 6-10
  • Toolkit- 'Is Your Church a Millstone or Springboard?' By ChurchBuild. This is a simple way for a group to reflect on key aspects of their church building to identify areas for improvement. Also, a useful exercise to do once initial redevelopment plans are produced by the architect to critique the proposed design. It's not a definitive list of key factors, so others may need adding such as peaceful/sacred space, uplifting space, positive outside space etc etc. Register to download for free. This is one amongst many resources.
  • Buildings Audit toolkit. By ChurchBuild. This toolkit seeks to capture the narrative of how the church building has developed over time and how different people perceive it historically and today. This is in order to help shape future thinking about making changes. 
  • Pizzamat- faciliating early conversations. By ChurchBuild. An A3 sheet asking prompt questions to help faciliate early conversations about the building. 
  • Crossing the Threshold toolkit by the Diocese of Hereford has a section on developing the vision
  • Community use of church buildings. Guidance from the DAC if this is an important aspect of the project
  • Understand local needs and assets in order to see how your project can best serve local communities and visitors. The Diocesan Fundraising Guide includes a section on 'Gathering evidence of Need'
  • Visit examples of similar projects. The Diocese of Chester's website has some examples, see 'Stories Worth Sharing' section. Also, speak with the DAC, church architect and archdecon for suggestions
  • Get in touch with Church House for advice. The Mission team's Church Buildings Development Officer, Emily Allen, can offer assistance with the above toolkits. The DAC can offer advice about the necessary paperwork, including Statements of Significance and Statements of Need and faculty permissions.

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