Vocations Sunday

Vocations Sunday - 22 April 2018

You might find some of the following suggestions helpful.

Look on the Vocations Sunday page on the Church of England website www.vocationsunday.org It has various resources for vocations services which are worth browsing. Do contact the DDO Office Tel: 01928 718834 ext 238; email Magdalen Smith if that proves difficult.

Do encourage any suitable younger folk in your congregation to look at the Church of England ‘Call Waiting’ website http://www.callwaiting.org.uk/home.aspx it has a wealth of information and stories to get them thinking.  We have two Young Vocations Advisers who would be happy to talk to any young person.  Email: Revd Jess Piper or Calum Piper.

If you would like a curate or ordinand to come and preach and answer questions, then do contact me as soon as possible. It could involve providing Saturday night accommodation and reimbursing travel expenses for those still at college.

Readers and Pastoral Workers from nearby parishes would, I’m sure, be happy to receive an invitation to talk about their ministry.

Have a slot in the service where someone talks about their work and how they see it as their vocation rather than just a job.

Here is an idea to get people thinking. Modify Jean's Story to suit your own parish situation.

Use the parish magazine (or equivalent) to raise people’s awareness. The following documents can be downloaded and used. Three stories from:

A Pastoral Worker

A Reader

A Curate

and articles by Christina Rees and Frederick Buechner

Of course, 7 May is just a convenient peg to hang 'vocations' on.  Do consider using another Sunday if it fits better with your programme - speakers are on offer for any Sunday.

Do contact me if you feel I can be of any assistance. I’m always happy to receive invitations to preach about vocation.
Magdalen Smith, Diocesan Director of Ordinands Email: DDO Tel: 01928 718834 ext 238.

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