Sabbaticals for Clergy


The Diocese has a programme of Sabbaticals for clergy: Sabbatical study leave is available to stipendiary clergy who have been in their current post longer than three years and who have not had a sabbatical in the last seven years. Sabbaticals need to be booked well in advance (at least two years) as this gives opportunity for planning and arranging cover where needed.

To take a Sabbatical, firstly obtain permission from your Suffragan Bishop. Once permission has been given, contact the office of the Committee for Ministry (CfM) to discover if grant-supported places are available (these are limited to 12 each year).  Be aware that ministers in receipt of stipend support from sector posts may not be entitled to in-service sabbaticals for that part of their appointment.

Sabbaticals plans should be discussed with Christopher Burkett, Director of Ministry and your rural dean and agreed with your PCCs. The Sabbatical fund is able to offer grants of up to £300 for up to twelve clergy each year; 11 Sabbaticals are booked already for 2017.

If you would like to know more, please contact Jane Hood at Church House.

Discretionary Fund

There is a £2,000 discretionary fund available for clergy. The fund is administered by the Director of Ministry. This fund has a dual purpose:

Extra support for individuals in addition to their normal CMD in-service training grant

Financial support for courses that people are asked to attend on behalf of the Diocese.  The criteria on which applications will be judged are as follows:

potential gain for the diocese

potential gain for the parish

potential gain for the individual

potential gain for the wider Church

If you are interested in applying for a grant from this fund, please contact Jane Hood at Church House by email or phone 01928 718834 ext 257 for an application form. A panel will then decide the allocation of grants.