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Neston Parish Church YBible Exhibition
The exhibition will be from Monday 22nd May until Friday 26th May. It will be aimed at key stage two children.
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A Heart 4 Refugees
A Heart 4 Refugees is the response to the refugee crisis as expressed by Anne Egan and Penny Faux, two artists from Bath. The exhibition is at St John the Baptist Great Meols. This is the first time the exhibition has been on display in the North.
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Cathedral Dead Sea Scroll Exhibition Opens
From February 1st until November 10th 2017, Chester Cathedral Library is hosting an exhibition to mark the 70th anniversary of the first discoveries of Dead Sea Scrolls.
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Poetry Competition
Manchester Cathedral has announced its 2017 Poetry Competition with a First Prize of £450. Poems submitted should be broadly religious or ‘spiritual’ in nature and have appeal to those who would not necessarily describe themselves as ‘religious’.
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Chester team heads to Durham for mission
Twenty five Bishops and their teams from the northern half of The Church of England will be heading to the Diocese of Durham for a weekend of mission called ‘Talking Jesus’ from 2nd - 5th March.
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YBible at Thurstaston and Irby
On Advent Sunday the congregations of St Bartholomew, Thurstaston and St Chad’s, Irby were all given a copy of 52 thoughts and encouraged to use them, one a week throughout this Church year.
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Holy Trinity Blacon gets funding
Holy Trinity Blacon’s Community Outreach Project has received a boost with three years’ funding from The Morgan Foundation for one of the project’s two Community Outreach Workers.
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Diocesan Board of Education Reformed
The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE), which oversees local developments and supports schools on a day to day basis, has been reformed into a smaller strategic group of 11 members. This new group, drawn from Diocesan Synod members and external appointments, came into force on 1st January 2017.
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Diocesan Youth, Children and Families Missioner
Jonathan Masters has been appointed as the new Diocesan Youth, Children and Families Missioner from February 2017.
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Fifty gather to explore calling
Our annual Called to Serve event recently brought together more than 50 people wanting to find out more about the four licensed ministries that Chester Diocese offers: Pastoral Worker, Reader, Church Army and Ordained Ministry.
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Marriage and same sex relationships document release
News Article - 1st February 2017
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Church Urban Fund - Big Pancake Party
News Article - 18th January 2017
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Stockton Heath's new peal
News Article - 16th January 2017
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Christian Unity - Week of Prayer
News Article - 9th January 2017
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Race Track Sponsored Walk
News Article - 3rd January 2017
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Clergy New Year Queen Honour
News Article - 3rd January 2017
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Step Forward
News Article - 3rd January 2017
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Cheshire Church Launches Online Nativity
News Article - 23rd December 2016
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Gogglebox Vicar in Christmas advert
News Article - 22nd December 2016
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Romiley church delivers host of angels
News Article - 22nd December 2016
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All Saints Shoeboxes
News Article - 12th December 2016
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Call the Midwife
News Article - 9th December 2016
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Chester Cathedral Zumbathon
News Article - 1st December 2016
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Experience the joy of Christmas
News Article - 1st December 2016
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Church responds as millions face starvation in Africa
News Article - 18th November 2016
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Mothers' Union Chester Anniversary
News Article - 29th November 2016
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A call to ministry
News Article - 25th November 2016
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Chester Canon appointed Blackburn Cathedral Dean
News Article - 28th November 2016
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Ofsted congratulate headteacher
News Article - 22nd November 2016
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New Team shapes Foxhill
News Article - 1st October 2016
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