24 Hours with Zoe Bennett

Date: 15th November 2017

This is the latest in our series of 24 Hours with distinguished theologians which have included Kate Coleman, Diarmuid O’Murchu, Martyn Percy, Helen Cameron, Paula Gooder, Elaine Graham, Keith Ward and Linda Woodhead.

Zoe writes:

The theme I would like to explore in this 24 Hour gathering  is how to use the Bible in practical theology.  (I wouldn't like anyone to think that because they wouldn't think of themselves as a practical theologian that it wouldn't be relevant to them.)

I will be especially addressing the place of the Bible - what is our story of what the Bible means to us? And what is our experience of relating it to our world? What are our joys, our struggles and our fears when we think of the Bible in our lives and the Bible in our world? I will be looking at the connections between contemporary life – our experiences, our practices and the serious issues of the world we live, and our tradition of faith.

I will be drawing on the life of John Ruskin, a great Victorian art and social critic, to provoke us into some challenging questions about our relationship with the Bible and our use of it in the contemporary world.

Zoe Bennett is Director of Postgraduate Studies in Pastoral Theology in the Cambridge Theological Federation and Anglia Ruskin University. She has been a Reader in the Church of England for much of her life, but just at the moment all her spare time is taken up with 4 delightful grandchildren. She loves walking in the hills and watching good films (the latter is easier than the former in Cambridge!) She has been working for 25 years in the business of enabling reflective practice and theological discovery.

Event and booking details

  • Wednesday, 15 November to Thursday, 16 November 2017 (4.30pm to 4pm) 

  • Foxhill Retreat and Conference Centre, Tarvin Road, Frodsham WA4 4GE

  • Booking is essential; to book  please click on this link


    If you have any questions please contact Jane Hood by email

  • or phone 01928 718834 ext 257

  • Closing date for bookings:Friday, 27 October 2017

  • There is no charge for this event

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