How does God answer prayer in a scientific world?

Date: 1st May 2018

Time: 19:30

The Refectory, Chester Cathedral

The Max Planck Lecture Series on Science and Faith at Chester Cathedral

The Revd Professor David Wilkinson (St John’s College, University of Durham)

Many people see the work of God in the regularity and beauty of the scientific laws. Yet the success of science has left a theological legacy - does God have to break those laws in responding to intercessory prayer? Or might the world of quantum theory and chaos open up a new kind of thinking about how God works?

Dr David Wilkinson trained first as a scientist and then as a theologian. He is now Principal of St John’s College and Lecturer in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Durham and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society with a strong interest in the dialogue between science and religion. His most recent books include When I Pray What Does God Do? (Monarch 2015) and Science, Religion and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (OUP 2013).

Admission Free – Refreshments Available


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